Which Dubrovnik City Walls Entrance to Use, Where and Why

Photo of Dubrovnik City Walls and Forts with 2 Entrances in view

To cut to the chase, Dubrovnik city wall's main entrance is right outside of Pile Gate, on Stradun main street. But you should know that there are two other entrances. Using any of these other two will greatly improve your enjoyment and experience walking the walls. 

Three City Walls Entrances

Well, you should know that there are three entrances to the walls:

  1. at Pile Gate, just to the left of the Church of the Holy Savior as you face it
  2. at the Ploče Gate near St. Luke Fort
  3. at St. John’s Fortress, home to the Maritime Museum

Here is a map of the Old Town showing the walls and locations of the entrances that you will hopefully find helpful.

Digital Map of Dubrovnik Old Town with City Walls Entrances marked

Pile Gate Entrance

The first is the main entrance, just outside the Pile Gate. When you arrive at Old Town, you walk through the Pile Gate and down the steps to Stradun (the main town street).

On your left-hand side, you will find the Church of Saint Savior opposite the Large Onofrio’s fountain. And just left of the church is the entrance with a steep climb of stairs going up to the top of the walls.

Ploče Gate Entrance

The easiest way to get to the eastern entrance is if you enter Old Town through the Ploče Gate. Then, you would walk down alongside the massive walls of Fort Revelin to reach a small bridge you need to cross.

You can continue walking down Od Sv. Dominika street with the striking Dominican church on your right. But you need to watch out to your left not to pass the tiny Gothic-style church of St Luke. Next to it is a stone archway you must go through to see the City Walls entrance ticket booth.

St. John Fort Entrance

Image of Dubrovnik harbor and St John Fort Walls Entrance

The fort houses the Maritime Museum inside. Walk towards the fort. You can also follow the signs to get to the Maritime Museum. The City Walls entrance is just next to it.

City Walls Entrance Tips

Your other option to avoid them is to find other entrances with fewer steps to climb the Walls. But all involve steep stairs for access, and you will encounter even more steep climbs and drops as you go around the City Walls.

The wall goes one way (counterclockwise), and follow the direction to avoid being turned back at the checkpoints. You will be turned back for going in the wrong direction. 

The price of the tickets is the same at each entrance, and they all allow you to complete the walk. However, avoid accidentally exiting at one of the entrances, as you cannot get back in with the same ticket.

If you cannot complete the circle around the whole wall, you can do a part of it and exit on other exits halfway. However, you should know there is no discount for only walking a partial way of the wall.

Taking prams, strollers, and buggies are permitted on the walls, but not practical considering the many steps. However, the City Walls staff will happily store them for you a the entrance. Ideally, you would like to take a carrier if you have decided to take your baby with you.

There is no denying that the entrance fee is a bit steep. The tickets may be even higher than for other world monuments of higher renown. However, whenever I talk to people who visited the Dubrovnik City Walls, they agree the price is well worth paying to see this attraction. There is a wonderful view of the entire city right before you.

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Lovrijenac Fort was guarding Dubrovnik from attacks from east and sea