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Our Mission

Kompas.hr is a community of people from around the world, who treasure Croatia and its culture. Our goal is to bring our readers content that celebrates Croatian culture, lifestyle, language, and food to help them stay connected to Croatia.

We strive to be a place where our writers share experiences and thoughts from traveling around the country. We aim to inspire readers to travel and discover new places and unique stories while also providing useful tips on how best to navigate Croatia.

The Team

Sonja Novak


Sonja Novak is a Croatian journalist, writer, and photographer that turned her love of Croatia into a career. She moved into journalism upon working in the travel industry when she started freelancing for Croatian newspapers.

Sonja’s career as a travel agent, which began in 1997, provides her with a great background and, a wealth of knowledge about traveling Croatia. She went into business for herself after realizing she enjoyed helping others plan their trips. In 2001, she opened a travel agency, where she continues to work in travel. Eventually, she became a travel writer, writing articles and sharing plans and itineraries trips for people visiting Croatia.

Writing about travel is a natural extension of her experience as a travel agent. Working in the industry enabled Sonja to travel extensively throughout Croatia. She has used these trips to develop a unique perspective on Croatia destinations.

Sonja is passionate about ancient architecture, art, and culture in the country. Her travels across Croatia allowed her to uncover countless details of Croatia's rich history and gorgeous landscapes.