How Many Steps Are There on the Dubrovnik City Walls?

Showing How many Steps on Dubrovnik Walls main gate

Visiting the Dubrovnik City Walls is a must-do for many travelers. And many of them ask the same question: How long are the Dubrovnik Walls? The purpose of the question is to grasp how physically demanding it is to walk the walls.

On Google Maps, the walls look like level ground to them. But they only realize once they get to the Old City that the walls are full of winding steps and narrow staircases.

So there is another question that needs answering.

How many steps are there on Dubrovnik City Walls?

Let me cut to the chase. There are exactly 1080 steps on the Dubrovnik City Walls.

Number of steps in Old Town Dubrovnik

Most visitors only realize once arriving in Dubrovnik that the whole city is at the base of a hill. There are steps all throughout and everywhere you go. They are on their way to your apartment, to the restaurant, and especially to the beach. Steps are everywhere.

The core of Old Town is no different. It is full of winding steps, hidden alleyways, and secluded courtyards. But that is why it’s so charming that it drew you to visit it first.

So, how many steps are there in the whole of Old Town? It must be an unnecessary piece of information to know, let alone a tedious task to count.

Well, you are in luck! Somebody did it for you.

The question got an answer in 2011, according to the local newspaper(text in Croatian). A local NGO called Porporela spent days counting all the steps in the Old Town. They counted twice and even photographed each step.

They initiated the counting after the tourist guides of Šibenik, another Croatian city, counted 2,851 steps in the old part of Šibenik. They announced that Šibenik is the city that has the most steps in the Mediterranean.

People of Porporela NGO counted 5423 steps in Old Town Dubrovnik. This is almost twice as many as in Šibenik. Most of the interesting places away from the main street require taking some steps. Places like Buža bar at the cliffs under the walls. Or Rupe ethnographic museum, on the south side of Old Town.

How many steps in the Walls of Dubrovnik?

While counting the total number of steps in Old Town, the NGO count included the steps on the City Walls. And according to them, the Walls of Dubrovnik have 1080 steps in the route that goes on top of the walls. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

The walls are not open to the public for free. Anyone who wants to take a leisurely stroll along the walls and appreciate the city from a unique perspective has to pay an entrance fee.

When you get to the wall, the steps, which range in size and shape, go up and down along the route but never too many at a time. They provide access to the many lookout points.

Visitors with mobility issues

Visitors with mobility issues need to know—Dubrovnik City Walls have many stairs. Some of which are very steep and uneven. There are no ramps along the staircases and no elevators to help people with mobility impairment to get to the top.

Moving along the walls is unsuitable for wheelchairs or motorized scooters. This is due to the uneven terrain and many narrow staircases and steps.

We have to keep in mind the original purpose of this attraction. Its sole purpose was to be functional at the time of its construction. To save the lives of its inhabitants. They didn’t think about how it would be inconvenient for travelers centuries later.

But, if you are visiting with a disability and are still determined to see the walls, it is recommended that you bring a companion or two to help with mobility.

How challenging is climbing the steps of the Dubrovnik Walls?

Climbing the steps of the city walls of Dubrovnik is a somewhat physically challenging task. The main City Walls entrance has hundreds of steps leading to the top. Walking along the requires a decent level of physical fitness, as the steps can be steep.

Due to its length and the steps that must be climbed, it is not ideal for those with mobility issues or those not used to any physical activity, especially if you are going on at midday in the summer when it’s very hot.

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