Cavtat to Dubrovnik Ferry: Times & Things To Know in 2023

Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry

Cavtat to Dubrovnik Ferry is one the main ways to get between Cavtat, a charming little village with nice bars and restaurants, and Dubrovnik. In addition to offering all the sights and culture of Dubrovnik, Cavtat is also a great place to stay if you wish to avoid being in the constant hustle and bustle of its big brother in the summer.

Cavtat is much smaller, so there are fewer things to do than in Dubrovnik. While that might be why you are staying in Cavtat, you will still want to visit Dubrovnik several times during your stay. You will be glad to know Cavtat is well connected to Dubrovnik by bus and a ferry boat line.

So where and when to get on Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry?

This a question most visitors staying in Cavtat ask.

Well, not a ferry per se; it's a water taxi. There is no need to transport cars or goods, so they are smaller passenger boats, taking in at most 16-60 people.

Dubrovnik to Cavtat ferry Old port departure point

Dubrovnik has two ports, the Old Town, where all the small boats from Cavtat and surrounding areas arrive, and the "new" town port, where the large cruise ships dock and Jadrolinija ferries depart from.

The good thing about going with the ferry is that you will get off right in Dubrovnik Old Town, the place you most likely came to see. In comparison, bus number 10, which drives Dubrovnik - Cavtat route, will drop you close to the new port from which you will have to make your way to Old Town.

Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry duration

Most companies offer different stops on their route, so the duration of Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry trip lasts takes roughly one hour from Cavtat to Dubrovnik with stops in between. It is a 45-minute trip if the boat goes directly to Dubrovnik - Cavtat.

Multiple companies are operating the line, and here are the three main ones:

  • Adriana Boat Tours
  • Vivado Dubrovnik
  • Sea Line

Adriana Boat Tours - regular boat service

Adriana Boat Tours has a regular boat service that connects Cavtat to Dubrovnik with stops at Plat, Mlini, and Srebreno in Župa riviera along the way. The water taxis moor directly in Dubrovnik’s Old city port.
There are one-way and return fares available from any of the stops connected by the line.

Adriana Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry line - Cavtat departure point

The Adriana Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry line stops at:

  • Cavtat (main promenade)
  • Cavtat (hotel Albatros)
  • Plat (Župa Riviera)
  • Mlini (Župa Riviera)
  • Srebreno (Župa Riviera - hotel Sheraton)
  • Dubrovnik (Old town port)

Adriana water taxi schedule

The line runs from the 1st of April to the 1st of November. In general, only one boat returns from Dubrovnik to Cavtat in the late evenings, but only during peak season between July and August.

From CavtatFrom Dubrovnik
10:00 11:00
13:15** 14:15**
16:15** 17:30**
* Operating only between 01.05. and 15.10.
** Not operating in 2022.
*** Operating only between 01.07. and 05.09.

Adriana Cavtat to Dubrovnik ferry cost

The price per adult passenger for the Cavtat-Dubrovnik route is €15 Kuna one way and €20 return. If you board somewhere along the line in Plat, Mlini, or Srebreno, it will be a bit cheaper.

For children up to the age of 5 years, the ticket is free, and for those aged 5 to 12, the ticket costs half the price (ID may be required).

Vivado Dubrovnik - regular boat lines

Have in mind that when their boats depart from Cavtat, they always stop at Lokrum Island, but not when leaving from Dubrovnik. Vivado transfer from Cavtat to Dubrovnik is €20 per person.

Vivado ferry times

From CavtatFrom Dubrovnik
* Operating only in July & August

Sea Line water-taxi line

Sea Line boat departure times

From CavtatFrom Dubrovnik

You can easily find the departure points for these ferry lines on the Cavtat promenade and buy tickets while boarding. In addition, there are sales stands for tickets for these lines at the start of the promenade close to the Baltazar Bogišić statue.

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