An Overview of Dubrovnik Main Bus Station Terminal

Image of the empty Dubrovnik Main Bus Station with almost no buses or people. Winter time.

The Dubrovnik main bus station (terminal) is located in Gruž harbor. It is the main hub for bus transportation going in and out of the city. The bus terminal connects Dubrovnik to major cities in Croatia and neighboring countries.

The bus station is easily reachable by car or by public transportation. The station offers information on all the available routes, fares, and timetables of intercity and international buses.

Station Location

The central bus terminal is located 3.3 km from the Old Town center, next to the Gruž ferry and cruise terminal. The drive to Old Town from the main bus station is only about 10 minutes.

Basically, a stone's throw away from all major landmarks. Since Dubrovnik is so small, a drive to any place within the city from the main bus station should last 15 minutes tops.

Just in front of the Dubrovnik main bus station, across the road, is a bus stop where you can catch buses 1a, 1b, and 3 to go directly to Pile Gate and Old Town. You can board Bus 3 directly at the terminal but will have to circle around and back to get to Old Town.

Besides the local buses, there is also a convenient taxi station at the terminal.

Station Facilities

The station itself is functional and easy to get to. The whole terminal area is covered to protect against the sun and rain.

The issue is that the platforms are tiny. They cannot accommodate a large number of tourists that crowd the station in summer. There are very few benches outside.

There is a small indoor waiting area with seats and air conditioning. You can charge your phones and devices inside the waiting area for free. Not many outlets are available, though.

The main bus station has a toilet, but you have to pay to use it. It costs €0.80 (coins only) to use the toilet.

There is a fast food food place on the station, but with limited food choice. You can also use vending machines available on site or visit a restaurant across the road.

A common question people ask themselves—Can I store my baggage at the Dubrovnik bus terminal? Yes, there is a luggage storage area at the main bus station. Luggage storage costs €0,66 EUR per item per hour. They accept cash only.

There is free WiFi is available. You will have to ask for a password but the last time I was there the WiFi password was: Libertas.

Phone Screen to access the free WiFi at the bus terminal

There are public telephones, ATM machines and a newstand kiosk at the bus terminal. Some of the on-site "shops" are not open every day. There is a large Super Konzum store you might want to use just a few hundred meters away.

Popular Routes

The bus station is the departure and arrival point for all buses from and to Dubrovnik. Over 20 cities in Croatia can be reached by bus from the Dubrovnik main bus station.

You can get a bus to Zagreb, Split, Makarska, Brela, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir, Vinkovci, Korčula, and Metković, among others. More intercity lines are available in the summertime than in winter.

You can also catch an international bus connection to neighboring countries:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar, Visoko),
  • Montenegro (Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Ulcinj, Podgorica),
  • Serbia (Belgrade),
  • Macedonia (Skoplje)
  • Albania (Tirana)

They frequently add and remove bus lines, so keep an eye on the international schedule to be up to date on what is available.

Booking Tickets

It is possible to book bus tickets online. Ticket sales are also available as soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik for departures up to several weeks in advance.

If you know you are leaving Dubrovnik by bus, buying tickets several days in advance is a good idea. You want to avoid unexpectedly getting stranded in Dubrovnik without tickets and no accommodation. Especially in the summer. Last-minute accommodation bookings can be expensive.