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Specialist for holidays in Croatia
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Affiliate program

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You want to make money and you have a web site, portal, blog, search engine, forum, top-list? We offer you the possibility of achieving income from every kompas.hr arrangement sale realized by a guest who came to kompas.hr through your web site.

We offer you the following...
• a provision for every sale in the amount of 6-10% depending on the annual revenue
• exact statistics with records on the number of visitors, reservations and amounts
• top quality user support during the entire year for your online visitors
• multi-language links that enable promotion to several markets and increase the possibility of making money
.. read more in our general terms.

Who is the kompas.hr affiliate program intended for?
You are a webmaster, experienced surfer, marketing agency or have knowledge on internet marketing? The kompas.hr affiliate program can be used by everyone who has a web site, portal, blog, search engine, forum or top-list... and all those who want to make money and maximize the efficiency of their web site!

For more information, send us an e-mail to affiliate@kompas.hr

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The contract is closed between the tourist agency Kompas Zagreb Plc., with headquarters at Ede Murtića 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia (hereinafter: KOMPAS.HR) and the legal or physical entity that is the owner of the web site and who, through the online application form, enters their information for participating in the KOMPAS.HR affiliate program (hereinafter: AFFILIATE PARTNER). By filling out the online application form, the AFFILIATE PARTNER completely accepts the terms of this contract. The contract defines the terms of participation as well as the rights and obligations of participating in an affiliate program.

This contract does not represent the agency’s B2B cooperation and the AFFILIATE PARTNER does not receive authority for the presentation of KOMPAS.HR services that are not defined by this contract. KOMPAS.HR reserves absolutely all rights regarding the name of the company, the sign of the company, logo, text and other graphic elements and intellectual rights. Services that are defined by this contract are arrangements where KOMPAS.HR is the main organizer (excluding airplane tickets and tickets).

Every legal or physical entity with their own web site has the right to participate. An entity becomes an AFFILIATE PARTER the moment the information for access is given (username + password). In order to receive a username and password, it is necessary to fill out the KOMPAS.HR affiliate online application form. After entering the requested information online, the AFFILIATE PARTNER is given a username and password of he fulfils the KOMPAS.HR terms for entering the affiliate program.
The AFFILIATE PARTNER uses the affiliate program for taking over codes which he places on his web site in order to direct visitors to www.KOMPAS.HR.

Entering the affiliate program is enabled for all web sites that do not contain the following contents:
•    erotica and pornography, violence, any form of discrimination (religious, national, racial, sexual...)
•    illegal activities (“warez”), that threaten intellectual ownership and rights in any way
•    the use of “spyware” and dialler automatic scripts and other malicious scripts that threaten the privacy of users and who do not use the following in their work: spam advertising methods (massive e-mails, massive posts in news groups, guest books...)
•    other sites that KOMPAS.HR for any reason considers inappropriate for using the affiliate program

KOMPAS.HR has the right to cancel the right to participation for the AFFILIATE PARTER at any moment if any of the above stated elements are confirmed during the regular examination of the AFFILIATE PARTER'S web site. A partner whose application form for acceptance into the affiliate program is rejected, as well as a partner who is subsequently cancelled out of the program has the right to re-apply for the affiliate program after the contents that prevented him from entering were removed, or when the reason for cancelling out of the affiliate program have been removed.

KOMPAS.HR and the AFFILIATE PARTNER are connected with an affiliate link which can be located on a:
a) word         b) banner        c) picture        d) B2C frame
and which can be linked to the previously defined web site of KOMPAS.HR (main page, destination, product, facility, etc.).
The creation of graphic forms for connecting the partner site is done by KOMPAS.HR in a way that the AFFILIATE PARTNER takes over the finished banners and affiliate URLs from a separate area that he can access with his unique affiliate password.
It is important that the URL is used in its original format because even the slightest change to the given link will cause the incorrect functioning of the affiliate program and therefore the accurate information for monitoring the traffic of the AFFILIATE PARTNER cannot be guaranteed.

The AFFILIATE PARTNER is obligated to guard his unique affiliate password and not transfer it to third parties. The AFFILIATE PARTNER bares the responsibility for any damage caused by not guarding his unique affiliate password.

By filling out the online application form, the AFFILIATE PARTNER receives his username and password for accessing the affiliate account within the KOMPAS.HR web site. When in his account, the AFFILIATE PARTNER has complete insight into the number of visitors, realized reservations, the total realized traffic and records of affiliate payouts.

The provision is paid in the form of % (percentage) depending on the value of the basic reservation services.
The value of the basic service of reservation means the value of the basic service without additional payments or residential fees and that VAT is included in the amount of the provision. Each reservation realized by the directed visitor is registered within the account of the AFFILIATE PARTNER.
The accuracy of the data within the account is ensured with the use of third-party software of a commercially licensed solution. The AFFILATE PARTNER can request additional information on the software solution itself if there are additional questions regarding the accuracy of the calculation and KOMPAS.HR is obligated to deliver an answer within 10 work days.

It is located in the advanced software’s manner of registering and processing payments which other than the classic 24 hour online payments and credit card authorizations, it covers ALL manners of payments from foreign guests; (SWIFT payments, cash...) which are processed by the employees of the KOMPAS.HR Call Centre. In that way, the affiliate receives complete “real-time” information on the realized sale and provision at the moment the service was paid by the guest’s web site within his online account. The KOMPAS.HR Call Centre has the responsibility of completely taking over the entire communication with the guest in the segment of responding to inquiries, offering information, confirming reservations, payments, cancellations and eventual complaints.

KOMPAS.HR travel AFFILIATE provision program
The AFFILIATE PARTNER realizes a provision on the realized reservation even after the guest finishes using the service or when there is no possibility of cancellation and for physical entities after closing the work contract. The provision is calculated only on the basis of the service or will not be calculated on the amount of the residential fee and on the amount of various additional payments such as for a children’s bed, for pets, for airline fees, travel insurance... The provision is approved of only and solely for the purchase of an arrangement where KOMPAS.HR is the main organizer and is not approved of for the purchase of airline tickets and other tickets.The percentage of the provision is defined depending on the status of the partner at the moment the provision was paid and in the following manner:

START PARTNERI – who achieved total revenue of less than 80,000.00 EUR in the fiscal year realize a provision of 6%.
MEDIUM PARTNERI – who achieved total revenue more than 80,001.00 EUR in the fiscal year realize a provision of 7%.
LARGE PARTNERI – who achieved total revenue more than 200.001,00 EUR in the fiscal year realize a provision of 8%.
XLARGE PARTNERI – – who achieved total revenue more than 300.001,00 EUR in the fiscal year realize a provision of 10%.

In case that the AFFILIATE PARTNER is by accident paid a provision for a reservation that was cancelled, KOMPAS.HR will decrease the next payment by the value of the provision of the cancelled reservation and will not pay the provision for that reservation. The AFFILIATE PARTNER will be informed on this and will on request be shown the documentation proving the cancellation.
The fiscal year is marked by the period from the acceptance of the affiliate URL by KOMPAS.HR + 12 months. For example, if the affiliate URL was accepted 19.06.2011, the fiscal year is valid until 19.06.2012 and on 20.06.2012 a new fiscal year starts and all provisions for the previous year are paid and the revenue calculation again returns to 0 kn. If the AFFILIATE PARTNER does not issue an invoice 14 days after the finalization of the fiscal year, KOMPAS.HR will assume that the AFFILIATE PARTNER has given up his provision. Furthermore, the AFFILIATE PARTNER is obligated to issue an invoice until 15.01 every year for the previous calendar year. If the AFFILIATE PARTNER does not issue an invoice by 15.01 after the calendar year, KOMPAS.HR will assume that the AFFILIATE PARTNER has given up his provision from the previous calendar year.
The AFFILIATE PARTNER who is a legal entity, tradesman or person performing an independent professional activity is obligated to issue an invoice on the basis of which KOMPAS.HR pays the provision within 30 work days. The affiliate partner that is a physical person is obligated to close a work contract with KOMPAS.HR based on which he will be paid the provision minus the taxes and contributions within 30 work days from the day the work contract was closed. The AFFILIATE PARTNER with the contract takes over the obligation of paying the appropriate taxes to the state and KOMPAS.HR does not take any responsibility for an eventual lack of paying taxes to the state by the AFFILIATE PARTNER. The minimum amount for payment is 150 EUR. KOMPAS.HR and the AFFILIATE PARTNER each pay their own costs of money transfers in the bank if there are provision payments in a foreign currency. Eventual complaints regarding paid amounts are to be submitted by the AFFILIATE PARTNER in written form within eight (8) days from when the provision was paid. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.
KOMPAS.HR reserves the right to alter these General Terms in accordance with its needs without the prior informing of the AFFILIATE PARTNER. Alterations to the contract come into force when they are published on the web site KOMPAS.HR and information regarding the executed changes can be obtained by the AFFILIATE PARTNER with regular examination of the KOMPAS.HR web site. The contract is closed for an undefined period of time from the moment the web site of the AFFILIATE PARTNER is approved by KOMPAS.HR. This contract, without prior explanation, can be terminated by any of the included parties.

KOMPAS.HR is not responsible for damage regarding not calculating PROVISIONS if it is to be established that this occurred due to the unprofessional handling of the affiliate URL or due to the eventual deletion of cookies by the visitor. The cookie for visitors who arrive through the web site of the AFFILIATE PARTNER are valid for 180 days. KOMPAS.HR is not responsible for damage due to error in the server, for electrical blackouts, weather and “higher force” cases. KOMPAS.HR is not responsible for damage done to the AFFILIATE PARTNER site proven to be caused due to membership in the affiliate program. KOMPAS.HR is not responsible for inaccurately calculated prices and provisions that occur due to error in print on the web pages of www.KOMPAS.HR or within the frame.

The contractual parties are obligated to resolve any eventual disputes and misunderstandings by mutual agreement. If a mutual agreement is not possible, the authority of the Commercial Court in Zagreb is then authorized.

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